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Flowers Bloom 'Virtual Garden' 

virtual garden loop_1

“This song was going to be part of an album I was writing in 2021 during the last lockdown called “Flowers of Existence” where I was essentially looking for reasons to stay optimistic during a bleak time. I see art and genuine human connection as the “Flowers of Existence” that we can all embrace, if we let ourselves be aware of it. I was sick of brooding and complaining in my songs. I wanted introspection through trials and tribulations, but a sincere and clear way forward in each song's message.

The whole premise of the song is to embrace every cliche of positivity you can find in front of you. For me it was while I was walking through a park with cops confronting people for sitting down and not doing strenuous exercise. But in the same view there were kids playing around in the sun as if nothing was wrong.”

You better breathe in, as the flowers bloom.

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